How to Use Potty Talk to Transform a Child


girl at door

The girl with wavy brown hair looked out from the photograph with a sweet smile. Deep behind those eyes and perfectly turned nose, however, lay the gyrations of the gray and white matter of her brain which had somehow gone awry. She has autism, explains my friend JB, who was showing me photos from an iPad app they use, called Pictello. It is a powerful tool for JB to create “social stories” to help children with autism develop skill sets to become more functional in this world. The app costs $20 and is genius in its simplicity. She can upload photos or videos and add custom text to create a personalized story book which can be viewed on an iPad. It will even read aloud in pre-loaded voices or the voices of people familiar to this little girl, such as her family, JB, or other trusted sources. When JB first met her, she was a toddler trying to start mainstream preschool equipped with one single word, “flower,” as her only communication tool Continue reading