About Us

Naomi Gauthier, MD

I am a pediatric cardiologist by profession, a mother of three sons, wife of a family physician, and a reluctant blogger. I have been practicing in coastal New England for nearly 20 years, and live and work in the same communities as many of my patients. I see them in the office, grocery store, school functions, athletic fields, and on the beach. It is even more that way for my husband, who is the real old fashioned family doctor for the whole town. I also work in a large, urban quaternary care center in Boston, with its own distinct set of circumstances. That has given me a unique perspective through the years to see just how much the medical system operates within a silo; what happens in the office setting does not translate to the community, as separate as the black and white world of Dorothy’s Kansas is to the technicolor Emerald City. I have seen how far we have come in medicine in the last 25 years in helping children to survive. It is now time to help them to thrive, and craft a system where the health care team, the patient/family, and the community all work together to support growth and allow each child to reach their full potential. We cannot define the value of health care in terms of patient outcomes unless we know how to define optimal potential. This blog was created to start that conversation.